World Bank Collaborates with Nigeria to Establish 1,000 Solar-Powered Mini Networks

In an announcement made on Saturday, President Ajay Banga confirmed that the World Bank (WB) is set to collaborate with the Nigerian government and the private sector to facilitate the creation of 1,000 solar-based mini networks across the country.

These mini networks, referred to as mini-grids, encompass a collection of small-scale electricity-generating units. The capacity of these mini-grids typically ranges from a few kilowatts to as high as 10 megawatts, an energy output sufficient to supply power to approximately 200 households.

The initiative is particularly significant considering that a substantial portion of sub-Saharan Africa, approximately 568 million individuals, still lacks access to electricity, as underscored by data from the World Bank. Notably, Africa is home to a staggering 80 percent of the global population without reliable access to electricity.



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