UNDP and ITIDA Join Forces in a Five-Year Project to Boost Egypt’s Tech Sector

In a significant move towards advancing Egypt’s technology sector, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) have officially inked a new five-year project agreement. The primary objective of this collaboration, as stated in a recent announcement on Wednesday, is to fuel digital innovation and foster the growth of the tech-driven startup ecosystem in the country.

During the project launch event, ITIDA CEO Ahmed El-Zaher emphasized that this partnership would unlock the vast potential of ITIDA’s thriving startup community, ushering in a wave of opportunities for sustainable development.

Dubbed as the “Maturation of ICT-enabled Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship Ecosystem,” the ambitious initiative aims to bolster Egypt’s prominent position in digital innovation and entrepreneurship within the region. By bringing in financing opportunities and mentorship, the project seeks to provide a conducive environment for the tech sector to flourish in the years to come.



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