Tragedy in Egypt as 32 Lives Lost and 63 Injured in Multi-Car Collision

In a devastating incident, a multi-vehicle collision in Egypt’s Beheira governorate on the Cairo-Alexandria road, located 131km (82 miles) north of Cairo, has claimed the lives of 32 individuals, leaving at least 63 others injured. The collision, which occurred on a fateful Saturday morning, involved a passenger bus and several cars, with some of the vehicles catching fire, as reported by the health ministry.

State newspaper Al-Ahram highlighted that many of the victims lost their lives due to severe burns. Responding swiftly to the catastrophe, authorities dispatched over 20 ambulances to the accident scene for immediate rescue and medical care.

Health Minister Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar confirmed that the injured have been transported to a hospital in Wadi al-Natrun, while others were taken to Al-Nubaria for treatment.

This tragic incident once again underscores the commonality of traffic collisions in Egypt, where roads often suffer from poor maintenance, and the observance of traffic rules is frequently lacking.



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