Top 50 Women Forum to Host 3rd Egyptian Women’s Summit in Partnership with NCW and EU

The Top 50 Women Forum is set to organize the third edition of the Egyptian Women’s Summit in collaboration with the National Council for Women (NCW) and the European Union. Scheduled for March 3-4, the Summit aims to foster a robust dialogue among women leaders and the younger generation, focusing on communication strategies, professional experiences, and the development of sustainable industry practices.

Themed “A 360 Guide Toward a Women Prosperous Life,” the Summit aims to empower women, protect their rights, and combat discrimination. It envisions building genuine connections among women leaders in key sectors to address challenges faced by women professionals. The event will bring together leaders, government officials, private sector representatives, and international organizations, along with high-level women leaders and university students.

Previous editions of the Summit focused on gender balance in government and the private sector, explored opportunities for the future role of professional women, and provided networking opportunities. This year’s Summit will feature events, panel discussions, and networking opportunities to enhance professional growth and guide women in various sectors.

Key topics include strategies for professional growth, career development, leadership skills, and ways to combat harassment and violence against women in the workplace. The Summit will also host a women’s employment fair, “Empower Women to Empower Egypt,” showcasing suitable job opportunities for women.

The Summit aims to disseminate a Code of Ethics combating workplace harassment, explore cooperation mechanisms with state institutions, and promote strong links among women leaders in different sectors. The event will include an entrepreneurial exhibition, “Empowering and Uniting,” encouraging women’s entrepreneurship and providing technical consultations.

Dina Abdel Fattah, Founder and President of the Top 50 Women Forum, highlighted the Summit’s goal of addressing current challenges, exploring opportunities, and enhancing the future role of Egyptian professional women. She emphasized the importance of creating sustainable bridges between different generations of women, transferring experiences from leaders to the new generations, and identifying opportunities for training, rehabilitation, and employment.

Abdel Fattah underscored the significance of a strong community of high-achieving women leaders in contributing to positive change socially and economically. The Summit’s partnership with the National Council for Women and the European Union aims to strengthen the Forum’s activities locally and regionally, expanding networks for the empowerment of Egyptian professional women. The collaboration also seeks to provide women with greater access to opportunities, promote leadership positions, and address challenges such as gender balance and domestic violence.



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