Top 50 Women Forum Mourns Habiba Al-Shamaa’s Passing

The Top 50 Women Forum extends its sincere condolences and sympathy to the family and friends of Habiba Al-Shamaa, who passed away on Thursday following a three-week coma after she jumped from an Uber taxi out of fear of sexual harassment or kidnapping.

The Forum expresses deep sorrow and sincere condolences to her family and loved ones during this difficult time. They further convey their deepest condolences to her family and loved ones.

Habibia Al-Shamaa passed away on Thursday in a Cairo hospital following a deterioration in her health caused by complications from a head wound, multiple bruises, and a brain hemorrhage. She had escaped a kidnapping attempt when she had thrown herself from an Uber car during her trip to the Eastern Cairo suburb of Shorouk, according to information provided by her family and verified by an eyewitness who said he heard her say, “Uber was going to kidnap me,” before she lost consciousness.

The Top 50 Women Forum affirms its full solidarity with the family of Habibia Al-Shamaa, in the wake of this horrific accident, which is presently being investigated, after arresting the car driver, who proved to had been previously accused in a drug case.

The Forum urges that Uber’s application operation license be suspended in Egypt until the investigations are completed. If it is found that the driver attempted to kidnap Habibia Al-Shamaa, the company should be held responsible for failing to select its drivers in a proper and disciplined manner, posing a risk of future incidents, and operating in violation of security and safety regulations.

The Forum noted that the case of Habiba Al-Shamaa had a direct impact on the lives of all women who require these kinds of applications in their daily lives, particularly in light of the recent sharp rise in related incidents. This necessitates co-operation with the relevant authorities regarding operating and licensing controls that adhere to all safety precautions, the most crucial of which is a professional assessment of the drivers prior to their appointment in compliance with the applicable standards.

The Forum also calls for obliging the companies to implement a distress or help request button on their applications in a manner that guarantees prompt assistance while sharing the journey route with a passenger’s designated person.

The Forum also brought up the necessity for these companies to mandate that drivers submit an annual criminal status report and undergo periodic drug testing. It also urges that the operating companies must install glass barriers between the front and rear seats to create safe spaces between the driver (the captain) and the passengers.

The Forum also emphasizes how crucial it is to monitor all smart transport applications available in Egypt, since they compete with one another yet disregard global safety and security regulations.



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