South Africa Plans Shift to Electric Vehicles, Aims to Produce First Electric Car by 2026

In a significant move towards environmental sustainability, South Africa’s Trade Minister, Ibrahim Patel, revealed on Monday that the country’s auto industry is poised to manufacture its initial electric car by 2026. This strategic initiative aligns with South Africa’s broader commitment to adopting eco-friendly modes of transportation.

The integration of electric vehicles is a key component of South Africa’s comprehensive energy transition plan, designed to foster a low-carbon economy and address the challenges posed by climate change. The forthcoming electric car represents a pivotal step in realizing this ambitious transition.

To support the energy transition plan and facilitate the shift towards electric transportation, a substantial investment of 128.1 billion rand (equivalent to $6.84 billion) in the transport sector is earmarked from 2023 to 2027. This financial commitment underscores South Africa’s dedication to meeting its carbon emission reduction targets and advancing sustainable practices within the automotive industry.



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