Riham El Sahly Appointed President of DMC Network by Egypt’s United Media Services

United Media Services (UMS) in Egypt has announced the appointment of esteemed media personality Riham El Sahly as the President of the DMC Network. This pivotal role further solidifies her position within the country’s media landscape and reflects her influential contributions to the industry.

El Sahly brings a wealth of academic and professional experience to her new role. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the renowned American University in Cairo (AUC), she also earned a master’s degree in Political Science with a specialization in the Middle East in 1997. Her educational background has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of communication and socio-political dynamics.

Her journey in the media industry commenced with her tenure at Nile TV, an Egyptian television affiliate, where she hosted a diverse range of shows. Her popularity soared when she joined forces with media personality Moataz Dimerdash on the celebrated show “90 Minutes,” which captivated audiences from 2006 to 2013. Her subsequent role at Extra News channel further bolstered her influence.

El Sahly’s portfolio boasts numerous interviews with prominent Egyptian figures, including former President Hosni Mubarak and seasoned politician Amr Moussa. She has also engaged with a plethora of celebrities, writers, and media figures, contributing to her comprehensive understanding of various perspectives and subjects.

Her appointment as the President of the DMC Network highlights her profound impact on Egypt’s media landscape and underscores the United Media Services’ recognition of her expertise and dedication. As she assumes this new role, her contributions are poised to steer the network towards continued growth and innovation in the dynamic realm of media and communication.



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