New Episode of YouTube Show “Daheeh” Explores the History of Palestine with Hebrew Translation

The latest episode of the YouTube show “Daheeh” is now available for streaming, featuring a comprehensive exploration of the history of Palestine with Hebrew translation.

This particular episode has become the most successful in the series, garnering over 13 million views within just seven days. It delves into the complete history of Palestinian land, shedding light on its appropriation over seven decades ago.

The narrative includes accounts of tragic events such as the 1948 mass killing in Tantoura, where more than 200 innocent civilians lost their lives. Modern research suggests that the bodies of these victims are interred in a mass grave beneath a parking lot adjacent to an Israeli resort.

The episode critically examines myths perpetuated by the Israeli regime, such as the assertion that Palestine was “a land with no people, to a people with no land.” Hosted by Ahmed El-Ghandour, the episode draws on various sources, including insights from Israeli perspectives.

For broader accessibility, the episode is equipped with subtitles in Arabic, English, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish. El-Ghandour, a Biology graduate from the American University in Cairo (AUC), initiated his show “Daheeh” in 2014, focusing on discussions around science, history, and theories.



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