MOPCO, ECHEM, and Scatec Collaborate to Form New Green Hydrogen Production Company

Egypt’s Misr Fertilizers Production Company (MOPCO) is joining forces with the Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company (ECHEM) and Norway’s Scatec to create a new company dedicated to producing green hydrogen.

In a recent bourse filing, MOPCO announced that its board of directors has given the green light on Tuesday for the company’s participation in establishing the new venture. The new entity will focus on utilizing the produced green hydrogen for the production of green ammonia.

While the exact ownership stakes in the upcoming company are yet to be finalized, the involved parties are actively determining the share distribution. The relevant details will be disclosed once the agreements have been decided upon. The collaboration between MOPCO, ECHEM, and Scatec reflects Egypt’s growing interest in advancing green hydrogen technology and its applications in sustainable ammonia production.



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