McDonald’s Excludes Tomatoes from Menus Across Northern and Eastern India Due to Crop Issues

In a recent development, McDonald’s has grabbed headlines as it announced the removal of tomatoes from its menu in a majority of its outlets in northern and eastern India. The decision was attributed to seasonal crop challenges faced by the fast-food chain.

Notices posted in two McDonald’s stores in New Delhi, India’s capital city, explained the situation: “Despite our best efforts, we are unable to obtain sufficient quantities of tomatoes that meet our strict quality standards.”

Tomatoes, a crucial ingredient in traditional Indian cuisine, have experienced a staggering surge in wholesale prices in some regions, reaching a peak of 140 rupees ($1.7) per kg on Friday, marking a 288 percent increase in just a month. Retail prices have been even higher, leading many consumers to cut back on tomato consumption.

This price escalation poses a significant challenge for restaurants across India, as tomatoes play a vital role in numerous dishes. The increasing costs are likely to exert additional pressure on restaurant profit margins and may eventually result in higher prices for consumers.



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