McDonald’s Egypt Witnesses 70% Sales Decline Amid Boycott Over Alleged Support for Israel

McDonald’s Egypt is grappling with a substantial 70% decline in sales due to an ongoing boycott sparked by allegations of the company’s support for Israel, as disclosed by a McDonald’s employee to the press on Thursday.

The anonymous employee revealed that sales figures for October and November 2023 plummeted by 70% compared to the corresponding period last year, as reported by Reuters. The controversy ignited when McDonald’s announced in early October its intention to provide complimentary meals to Israeli soldiers heading to the Gaza strip, a move widely criticized amid accusations of supporting actions deemed detrimental to the Palestinian people.

The longstanding issue of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, spanning 75 years, remains a central concern for Arabs globally. The ongoing Israeli offensive in Gaza and the occupied West Bank has resulted in the tragic loss of over 15,000 innocent lives, with women and children constituting 67% of the casualties.



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