Israeli Poll Reveals Only 15% Support for Netanyahu Post-Gaza Attacks

Majority Favor Continuing Attacks to Secure Hostages, IDI Survey Shows

Jerusalem, Israel, January 3, 2024 — A recent poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) indicates that only 15 percent of Israelis wish to see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remain in office after the conclusion of the attacks on Gaza. The survey, carried out between December 25-28, drew responses from 746 participants, shedding light on public sentiments amid the ongoing conflict.

Public Opinion on the Gaza Conflict

According to the IDI poll, a significant 56 percent of respondents believe that continuing the attacks represents the most effective strategy for bringing hostages back home. Additionally, 24 percent of those surveyed express a preference for a swap deal involving the release of more Palestinian hostages as the optimal approach.

Netanyahu’s Post-War Popularity

In contrast to the majority stance on the ongoing military actions, only a mere 15 percent of participants express a desire for Benjamin Netanyahu to retain his position as prime minister once the conflict concludes. The findings suggest a significant divergence in public opinion regarding the leadership’s handling of the situation.

Broader Perspectives on Elections and Conflict Resolution

Notably, a previous IDI poll in December revealed that 69 percent of Israelis believe elections should be held once the conflict in Gaza comes to an end. The surveys conducted by the IDI provide insights into the diverse opinions within the Israeli public regarding the conflict, its resolution, and the political landscape in the aftermath.



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