Iran Rejects US and UK Appeals to Cease Support for Houthi Attacks on Israeli-Linked Vessels

UK Plans “Direct Action” Against Houthi Rebels to Safeguard Navigation in Red Sea

Tehran, Iran, January 3, 2024 — On Tuesday, Iran dismissed appeals from the United States and the United Kingdom, urging the nation to cease its support for Houthi rebel attacks on vessels with Israeli connections in the Red Sea. The U.S. and UK have escalated efforts to quell the activities of the Yemeni movement.

UK’s Intentions for “Direct Action”

In response to the heightened tensions, UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps announced on Monday that Britain is contemplating “direct action” against the Iranian-aligned Houthi group. This proposed measure aims to “deter threats to freedom of navigation in the Red Sea.” Shapps emphasized the UK’s commitment to safeguarding navigation routes in the region.

Houthi’s Stance on Offensive Actions

Despite the UK’s declaration of readiness to take military action against the Houthi rebels to ensure freedom of navigation, the rebel group remains resolute in continuing its offensive actions. The Houthi rebels insist on pursuing their activities until Israel permits the unrestricted flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza. This announcement follows Shapps’ statement regarding the UK’s preparedness to confront the Houthi threat and uphold navigation freedom in the Red Sea. The situation reflects ongoing geopolitical tensions in the region, with the international community closely monitoring developments and diplomatic efforts underway to address the complexities surrounding the Yemeni conflict.



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