Human Rights Watch Accuses Meta of Silencing Pro-Palestinian Voices on Facebook and Instagram

Human Rights Watch (HRW) leveled accusations against Meta on Thursday, asserting that the social media giant is engaged in “systemic online censorship” targeting pro-Palestinian voices on Facebook and Instagram.

According to HRW, Meta’s policies and practices constitute a form of censorship, specifically impacting content related to Palestine. The organization highlighted that Meta’s actions contribute to the suppression of voices supporting Palestine and Palestinian human rights on these social media platforms.

Deborah Brown, the acting associate director of HRW’s technology and human rights division, remarked, “Meta’s censorship of content in support of Palestine adds insult to injury at a time of unspeakable atrocities and repression already stifling Palestinians’ expression.”

HRW referenced 1,050 cases of censorship, with 1,049 involving the “censorship or otherwise undue suppression of peaceful content in support of Palestine,” while only one case involved the removal of content in support of Israel.

The organization called on Meta to allow protected expression on its platforms, emphasizing the importance of permitting discussions on human rights abuses and political movements.

Earlier this week, Meta’s independent oversight board criticized the company for removing posts documenting war crimes in Gaza. The ongoing conflict in Gaza, marked by Israel’s intense bombardment, has resulted in the loss of over 20,000 civilian lives.



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