Global Nuclear Power Generation Remains Steady for Sixth Consecutive Year: WNA Report

A recent report issued by the World Nuclear Association (WNA) has revealed that nuclear reactors worldwide have sustained a consistent production of over 2,500 terawatt hours of electricity for the sixth consecutive year.

The report highlights that the commissioning of Unit 3 at the Barakah nuclear plant in the UAE played a significant role in propelling the world closer to achieving 25 percent of its clean energy output from nuclear power in the year 2022. Sama Leon, the Director General of WNA, emphasized that the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict underscores the critical need for swift decarbonization efforts to effectively combat climate change.

Additionally, the report provides insight into the nuclear energy landscape, indicating that the total nuclear generation for the year 2022 amounted to 2,545 terawatt hours, a slight decrease of 100 terawatt hours compared to the previous year.



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