Egypt’s Cabinet Approves Alstom’s Proposal to Establish Industrial Complex in Alexandria

The Egyptian cabinet gave its approval on Wednesday to a proposal put forth by French company Alstom to construct an expansive industrial complex in Alexandria’s Borg El Arab city.

Alstom’s proposal encompasses the establishment of two factories with distinct purposes. The first factory will specialize in the production of railway electric systems and components, while the second will focus on manufacturing mobile units designed for metro lines, trams, light rail transit (LRT), and monorail systems.

The output from these factories is intended for exportation to various countries, and notably, the initial batch of products from the first factory will be allocated for Egypt’s Line 6 of the Cairo Metro, a significant transportation project.

Spanning across an area of 31 acres, the industrial complex will allow for potential expansion by an additional 9 acres, eventually reaching a total of 40 acres. This development not only promises economic growth but also presents employment opportunities, as it is expected to generate around 1,200 job positions for engineers and technicians.

The Egyptian government’s approval of Alstom’s proposal reflects a collaborative effort to enhance the country’s industrial capabilities while contributing to international trade and fostering job creation in the engineering and technical sectors.



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