Egyptian Stock Exchange Executes Three Major Deals Worth 324.2 Million Egyptian Pounds

CAIRO – The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) closed its last working day before the Eid al-Adha holiday with the execution of three significant deals, totaling a value of 324.2 million Egyptian pounds.

The first deal involved the United Company for Housing and Development (UNIT.CA), with a transaction volume of 50.4 million shares, valued at 261.6 million pounds. This notable deal demonstrates investor confidence in the real estate sector.

Electro Cable Egypt (ELEC) shares were the subject of the second deal, amounting to 46.6 million shares, with a total cost of 44.6 million pounds. This transaction signals interest in the electrical cable industry and highlights investor appetite for diversified investment opportunities.

The third deal encompassed 55.79 million shares of Giza General Contracting and Real Estate Investment Company, valued at 18 million pounds. This move indicates a positive outlook for the construction and real estate sectors.

These three substantial deals reflect the continued activity and vibrancy of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, even during the holiday season. The successful execution of these transactions underscores investor confidence in the Egyptian market and their commitment to capitalizing on potential opportunities.

As the Egyptian Stock Exchange remains a vital platform for economic growth and investment in the region, the execution of these significant deals reinforces the exchange’s position as a key player in the Egyptian economy.



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