Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority Approves Publication of TAQA Arabia

The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) granted approval on Thursday for the publication of a report, paving the way for the trading of TAQA Arabia shares on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX). The company’s market capitalization stands at approximately 676.1 million Egyptian pounds.

The report outlines the details of TAQA Arabia’s share structure, revealing a total of around 1.352 billion shares representing the company’s capital. Each share carries a value of 50 piasters.

An independent financial advisor’s report cited the fair value per share as 8.9 pounds. This assessment provides a reference point for potential investors and market participants, offering insights into TAQA Arabia’s perceived worth based on the analysis conducted by the financial advisor.

With EFSA’s approval to publish the report, TAQA Arabia shares are poised to enter the trading arena on EGX. This move not only expands the investment opportunities available on the exchange but also underscores Egypt’s commitment to fostering a transparent and regulated financial market.

As TAQA Arabia shares become accessible to investors, market dynamics are expected to respond accordingly, reflecting the perceived value of the company and its future growth potential.



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