Egyptian Exchange Ends Wednesday Session with Mixed Performance

The Egyptian Exchange concluded its trading session on Wednesday with a mixed performance across its main indices. The EGX 30, the primary index, experienced a slight decline of -0.48 percent, closing at 17,396.24. Throughout the day, it fluctuated between a high of 17,549.11 and a low of 17,396.24, losing a total of 83.70 points.

In contrast, the EGX 70 index showed significant gains, surging by 1.80 percent and adding 61.08 points, reaching a closing value of 3,457.83. It recorded a day high of 3,521.49 and a day low of 3,344.41.

Meanwhile, the EGX 30 Capped index faced a decline of -0.40 percent, losing 83.54 points and closing at 21,031.77. It reached a day high of 21,186.08 and a day low of 21,031.77.

Overall, the Egyptian stock market showcased diverse movements, with the EGX 70 soaring and the EGX 30 and EGX 30 Capped experiencing slight losses.



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