Egyptian Exchange Ends Thursday Session with Mixed Performance

On Thursday, the Egyptian Exchange experienced a mixed performance, with the main index, EGX 30, closing lower by -0.32 percent at 17,339.06. The index saw a decline of 57.18 points, fluctuating between a day high of 17,422.11 and a day low of 17,304.99.

However, there were positive movements in other indices. EGX 70 inched up by 1.70 percent, gaining 58.73 points, and closing at 3,516.56. Throughout the session, the index reached a day high of 3,543.39 and a day low of 3,408.23.

On the other hand, EGX 30 Capped experienced a decline of -0.58 percent, losing 121.15 points to settle at 20,910.62. The index’s performance ranged from a day high of 21,063.61 to a day low of 20,887.58.



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