Egyptian Exchange Ends Lower as Main Index EGX 30 Falls by -0.33%

On Wednesday, the Egyptian Exchange witnessed a decline, with the main index EGX 30 falling by -0.33 percent to reach a value of 17,455.60. The index experienced a decrease of 58.51 points, with a day high value of 17,610.40 and a day low value of 17,427.89.

Additionally, EGX 70 dropped by -0.89 percent, resulting in a loss of 31.56 points, and closed at a value of 3,505.13. Throughout the day, the index recorded a day high value of 3,554.67 and a day low value of 3,505.13.

Furthermore, EGX 30 Capped slipped by -0.52 percent, losing 110.52 points and reaching a value of 21,115.98. The index’s day high value was 21,349.01, while the day low value stood at 21,096.32.



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