Egyptian Exchange Ends Higher as EGX 30 Index Surges 2.46 Percent

Cairo, Egypt – The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) concluded Monday’s trading session on a positive note, with the main index, EGX 30, experiencing a notable increase of 2.46 percent, closing at 16,963.13. The index gained 408.01 points throughout the day, reaching a high of 16,970.35 and a low of 16,555.12.

Another index, EGX 70, witnessed a significant surge of 4.33 points, closing at 3,374.25 after gaining 139.90 points. It reached a high of 3,374.25 and a low of 3,216.26.

Meanwhile, EGX 30 Capped also displayed a positive trend, climbing by 2.68 percent to reach 20,625.29. The index recorded a gain of 537.77 points, with a high of 20,627.42 and a low of 20,087.52.

The higher close of the Egyptian Exchange signifies positive market sentiment and investor confidence in the country’s economy. The surge in the EGX 30, EGX 70, and EGX 30 Capped indices reflects increased trading activity and suggests a favorable outlook for the Egyptian stock market.

These positive market movements highlight the potential for growth and stability within Egypt’s financial landscape. It will be interesting to observe how these trends continue to unfold in the coming trading sessions and the impact they have on investor sentiment and market performance.



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