Egypt Takes Strides Towards Local Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

In a significant step towards technological advancement, the Egyptian government marked a historic milestone on Tuesday by signing contracts in the New Administrative Capital (NAC) for the initiation of the country’s first locally-produced electric vehicle (EV). The EV is anticipated to hit the market by the year 2024, as confirmed in an official statement.

This move is in alignment with the Egyptian government’s overarching strategy to bolster domestic manufacturing while adhering to stringent national standards. Ayman Ashour, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, expressed the significance of this endeavor in the context of promoting local industrial capabilities.

This pioneering project is part of the larger initiative named “Deepening Local Manufacturing Technology Transfer and Localization,” which was unveiled by the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT) in February 2023.

Mahmoud Sakr, Chairman of ASRT, elaborated on the program’s objectives, highlighting its emphasis on fostering and intensifying domestic manufacturing capabilities, particularly in the domain of electric vehicles. This strategic move aligns with Egypt’s comprehensive Science, Technology, and Innovation Strategy 2030, positioning the country on a trajectory of technological self-reliance and progress.



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