Egypt Receives Prestigious Platinum Award for Digital Health Leadership in the Arab World

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, Chairman of the General Authority for Health Care and General Supervisor of the Comprehensive Health Insurance and Haya Karima projects at the Ministry of Health and Population, has proudly announced that Egypt has achieved the coveted Platinum Award for “Digital Health Leadership” within the Arab world.

This remarkable accomplishment is a result of Egypt’s active participation in the golden initiative spearheaded by the Arab Hospitals Federation, aimed at promoting digital transformation within the healthcare sector across the Arab region.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky emphasized that Egypt’s inaugural win of this prestigious award reflects the nation’s commitment to digital transformation, aligning with the vision of political leadership and government. It stands as a testament to the collective success of all stakeholders involved in automating the comprehensive health insurance system. Furthermore, he underscored the pivotal role that digital transformation plays in the advancement and enhancement of healthcare services within any progressive society.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky highlighted Egypt’s achievements, notably through the Health Care Authority, which include:

  • The creation of over 4 million electronic health records for citizens across the governorates.
  • Successful implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system.
  • Introduction of the electronic referral system, facilitating seamless transitions from primary healthcare units and centers to higher levels of service.
  • Pioneering the adoption of the ICD11 international health codes system, marking Egypt as the first country in the Northern and Eastern Mediterranean region to do so.

This prestigious award not only recognizes Egypt’s dedication to digital health leadership but also positions the nation as a trailblazer in advancing healthcare services through innovative digital solutions in the Arab world.



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