Egypt Eases Customs and Procedures for Nebu Expo Participants

Egypt has introduced new concessions for international exhibitors gearing up for the third edition of Nebu Expo, a prominent gold and jewelry exhibition slated for November 25-27. These concessions include the ability for exhibitors to transport their displays in their personal luggage, bypassing the need for shipment through a third-party company. Additionally, participants will be exempt from customs and tax duties, with a simplified and streamlined process.

The Stamping Department will act as the official overseer of exhibit entry and exit, without imposing onerous financial burdens or intricate procedures that could hinder participation in the exhibition.

The announcement came following a meeting between Hani Gaied, the head of the General Division for Gold at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Egypt, and key officials including Ahmed Soliman, the head of the Stamp and Weights Authority, Kamal Gaber, the director-general of International Exhibitions and Markets, Shaaban Abdel Azir Pasha, the director of the Deposit at Cairo International Airport, representatives from the Egyptian Customs Authority, and Hani Milad Gaied, the head of the General Division for Gold and Jewelry at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

Gaied emphasized that an agreement has been successfully reached with the Egyptian Customs Authority and the Stamping and Weights Authority regarding the release of gold jewelry accompanying international exhibitors participating in the event. The objective is to facilitate the safe entry and exit of these precious items, without compromising the rights of the state or the exhibitors themselves, allowing them to transport their exhibits on passenger planes.

These measures mark a significant advancement in customs procedures and are designed to stimulate international participation in one of the region’s most vital exhibitions in the gold and jewelry sector. They are expected to contribute to the growth and development of the production and export of Egyptian gold jewelry to both regional and international markets.



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