DIG Unveils $49 Million Track 20 Mixed-Use Project in New Administrative Capital

In a significant development, Egyptian developer DIG has officially launched its ambitious Track 20 mixed-use project within the New Administrative Capital (NAC), marking a significant investment of around 1.5 billion Egyptian pounds ($49 million). This latest venture underscores the company’s commitment to expanding and contributing to the growth of the country’s real estate sector.

The 15-storey Track 20 mixed-use project, which is already in the construction phase, is poised to transform the landscape of the New Administrative Capital. The project’s layout encompasses a diverse range of facilities, including retail outlets, office spaces, and medical units. These offerings aim to cater to a wide spectrum of needs, making it an integrated hub for commercial activities and services.

Hussein Salah, Chairman of DIG, shared insights into the project’s scope and timeline. He revealed that construction is well underway and is projected to be completed by the year 2026. As the Egyptian real estate market continues to evolve, this development is poised to contribute to the urban development of the New Administrative Capital, aligning with the nation’s vision for progress and modernization.

The launch of the Track 20 mixed-use project signifies not only a significant investment in terms of capital but also a strategic step toward bolstering economic activities and meeting the growing demands of businesses and communities. It is expected to enhance the commercial landscape while providing valuable opportunities for various sectors to thrive.

As the project gains momentum and progresses toward completion, it stands as a testament to the proactive efforts of Egyptian developers like DIG, contributing to the realization of ambitious urban projects and shaping the country’s skyline for a vibrant future.



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