Chevron Set to Commence Red Sea Oil and Gas Exploration Project in Egypt

Chevron, the prominent American energy company, announced on Wednesday its imminent commencement of drilling operations for oil and natural gas in the Red Sea region of Egypt. The project is scheduled to initiate during the first half of 2024, marking Chevron’s first exploration well in this area.

Having completed the initial phase of seismic surveys, geological studies, and geophysical data analysis earlier in 2023, Chevron allocated over $20 million to finalize the preparatory work for the Red Sea project. These comprehensive assessments provided crucial insights and data crucial to the upcoming exploration efforts.

In 2019, Chevron emerged as the winner of Egypt’s inaugural international bid round for oil and gas exploration activities in the Red Sea. This victory secured the company a substantial search area covering approximately 10,000 square kilometers within the region. Chevron committed to investing a minimum of $326 million in this extensive project, underscoring its dedication to exploring the potential oil and gas reserves in the Red Sea.

The commencement of Chevron’s drilling activities in the Red Sea signifies a significant milestone in Egypt’s energy sector and showcases the country’s ongoing efforts to attract international investors and boost domestic production. As the project progresses, Egypt anticipates potential economic benefits and the opportunity to tap into new energy resources, strengthening its position as a key player in the global energy market.



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