BYD Dismisses Exit Reports, Announces Expansion Plans in Egypt

China-based vehicle manufacturer BYD has quashed rumors of its exit from the Egyptian market and, in fact, revealed plans for significant expansion. Yeung Jing, the Marketing Manager for Africa and the Middle East at BYD, confirmed the company’s commitment to Egypt, announcing its intention to amplify its presence in the country.

Jing affirmed that BYD aims to initiate car manufacturing operations within Egypt’s borders, with plans to commence production either by the end of this year or at the dawn of 2024. In addition to manufacturing, BYD is set to establish approximately three showrooms across Egypt, including a prominent location in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), showcasing their commitment to providing accessibility to Egyptian consumers.

A noteworthy aspect of BYD’s expansion strategy is the emphasis on sustainable practices. In line with its mission to safeguard the environment, BYD has ceased manufacturing diesel-powered vehicles since 2022, pivoting towards electric cars and trains. This shift aligns with their commitment to environmentally friendly solutions.

An official representative highlighted that the introduction of electric cars to the Egyptian market would be contingent upon market demand. This pragmatic approach underscores BYD’s intent to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of Egyptian consumers.

Founded in China in February 1995, BYD has a diversified portfolio encompassing electronics, automobiles, new energy solutions, and rail transit. The company’s expansion plans in Egypt underscore its dedication to fostering sustainable transportation solutions and aligning with the country’s efforts towards environmental conservation.



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