Bassem Youssef Criticizes Developed Countries’ Climate Pledges at COP28

Egyptian comedian and surgeon Bassem Youssef didn’t hold back as he criticized what he deemed “the hypocrisy of developed countries in making climate pledges” on Tuesday.

During a talk titled ‘Sustainable Personal Stories’ at COP28 in Dubai, Youssef pointed out that despite the lofty climate pledges from developed nations, they continue to “mess with the planet” without making substantial changes.

The comedian, who recently gained attention for his satirical and thought-provoking interview with Piers Morgan on the Gaza attacks, clarified that he is not a climate activist. During his show at COP28, he emphasized, “I don’t know about world peace or solutions to climate change. My role is to make fun of a situation.”

Responding to a journalist’s question on finding humor in a broken world, Youssef humorously remarked, “The fact that we’ve been going around for 28 years and not getting a consensus on how to stop [messing] the planet is itself the real comedy.”

COP28, the Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), serves as an annual platform for world leaders to pledge commitments in the global fight against climate change.



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