AstraZeneca Announces Plan to Launch 25 New Products in Egypt Over Three-Year Period

Hatem Werdany, representing British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, announced on Wednesday at Africa Health ExCon 2023 that the company has plans to introduce 25 new products in Egypt within the next three years. This move reflects AstraZeneca’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Egyptian market and providing innovative healthcare solutions to benefit the population.

Werdany also said that the conference is a “fertile ground” for new foreign pharmaceutical investments.

According to Werdany, AstraZeneca also launched a programme under the title Accelerating Change Together: Cancer Care in Africa (ACT; CCA) in November 2022 that aims to create more effective cancer care solutions.

Werdany also said that the health sector in Egypt had witnessed a huge “boom” over the last few years, which reflects the country’s ability to become a regional hub for healthcare.



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