Arab League Emphasizes Rights of Palestinian Children Amid Israel’s Aggression

On World Children’s Day, observed annually on November 20, the Arab League Organization underscored the fundamental right of all Palestinian children to live in safety, free from fear, displacement, and any form of violence. The statement, issued on Sunday, coincides with ongoing hostilities in Gaza, where Israeli attacks persist.

The organization strongly condemned the inhumane and reprehensible acts of violence carried out by Israeli forces. In solidarity with World Children’s Day, the Arab League Organization announced the release of a video highlighting the significant challenges and hardships faced by Palestinian children in Gaza.

Since the inception of the Israeli occupation, the death toll has surged to over 12,200, encompassing approximately 5,000 children, 3,250 women, and 690 elderly individuals. The number of injuries has surpassed 29,500, as reported by the Ministry of Health.



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