AMEDA Prepares for 39th Annual Forum: Focus on AI, Sustainability, and Data Security

The Africa and Middle East Depositories Association (AMEDA) is gearing up for its 39th Annual Forum, scheduled to take place in Doha, Qatar on May 1-2. With a theme centered around the expanding use of artificial intelligence (AI) in central depository and clearing houses (CSDs) alongside sustainability initiatives while upholding data security, the event is poised to gather regional and global decision-makers, presenting a diverse array of experts and high-profile officials.

The forum aims to serve as a convergence of ideas, insights, and forward-looking sustainability strategies for advancing financial markets in the Middle East. The agenda of this year’s meeting will revolve around three pivotal themes:

Firstly, discussions will delve into the adoption of AI at CSDs, highlighting how AI technologies can bolster efficiency, streamline processes, and foster innovation within these institutions.

Secondly, the forum will underscore sustainability through novel initiatives, emphasizing sustainable approaches that ensure the resilience and longevity of CSDs while maintaining rigorous data security standards.

Lastly, attention will be directed towards data security, focusing on essential procedures for safeguarding sensitive information and implementing robust security measures to thwart breaches and uphold integrity.

Abdulla Jaffar Abdin, Chief Operating Officer of Bahrain Clear, AMEDA President, and WFC Vice-Chairman, underscored the significance of fostering collaboration among member countries and adhering to cutting-edge policies aimed at CSD development and inter-clearing house cooperation. He emphasized that leveraging AI intelligently and embracing sustainable practices can fortify CSDs to effectively serve stakeholders.

Similarly, Riham Khedr, AMEDA Secretary General, expressed delight in hosting the 39th Meeting in Doha, highlighting the event’s pivotal role in fostering cooperation, stimulating innovation, and integrating sustainability measures across various financial operations.

AMEDA, established on April 27, 2005, held its inaugural meeting during the CSD 8th conference. As a non-profit organization comprising central securities depositories and clearing houses in Africa and the Middle East, AMEDA was founded to serve as a regional and professional forum promoting mutual cooperation among its members. Presently, it boasts a membership of 40 institutions spanning over 30 countries.



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