Aisha Shuaibu, President of SWA Sports in Abuja, Highlights Role of Sports Business in Africa

Aisha Shuaibu, the President of SWA Sports based in Abuja, emphasized the transformative potential of the sports business in addressing challenges in Africa, particularly in countries like Egypt and Nigeria. In an exclusive interview with Amwal Al Ghad English on the sidelines of the Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX) held in conjunction with the Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF 2023) in Cairo, Egypt (November 9-15), Shuaibu highlighted the capacity of sports-related initiatives to generate employment opportunities.

According to Shuaibu, the sports industry offers a significant avenue for youths, especially those out of school, to engage in meaningful activities and employment. She stressed the importance of infrastructure development as a catalyst for revenue generation through sports-related projects and events, fostering a culture of sports in the process.

Discussing the impact of sports tourism, Shuaibu underscored how people from various countries attend sports events, such as the African Cup of Nations, providing opportunities for travel, interaction, and business ventures.

Shuaibu also noted ongoing infrastructure projects in Nigeria, expressing anticipation for the emergence of more facilities in the next five years. Recognizing the diverse investment opportunities within Nigeria’s sports industry, she emphasized the potential for individuals and businesses to capitalize on the nation’s fervor for sports.



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